FAQ About Hiring A Handwriting Expert For A Will

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FAQ About Hiring A Handwriting Expert For A Will

21 June 2016
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Do you suspect that the twin of your deceased loved one fraudulently had a will drafted up in his or her favor? If the person that you suspect ended up being named the beneficiary for an unbelievable amount of your deceased loved ones assets, it is worth hiring a handwriting expert for assistance. You can then find out if the will that was carried out in probate court was actually signed by your deceased loved one. In this article, you will find the answers to some of the questions that you might have about a handwriting expert.

What Does a Handwriting Expert Do?

Handwriting experts are highly skilled when it comes to determining if someone forged the signature on a will or not. Although many people have similar handwriting styles, an expert is able to distinguish between the important aspects of handwriting that makes individual unique. For instance, the expert can tell if someone has a habit or writing with a light or heavy hand. He or she will also pay attention to the curves and dots concerning letters and numbers.

Will Original Documents Be Required?

If you can get a copy of the original will over a photocopy, it is in your best interest. However, a handwriting expert is skilled enough to determine if handwriting is fraudulent by analyzing a photocopy of the will as well. Keep in mind that you will have to provide other documents that has your deceased loved ones handwriting on them along with the will. If you have any documents that contain the suspect's handwriting, you can hand them over to the expert as well.

Can the Results Be Used in Court?

After the handwriting on the will is analyzed, the expert can give you a notarized statement of his or her findings. You will be able to legally submit the documents to a judge. However, it will be up to the judge to determine if the handwriting analysis is good enough to be used in sorting out the legal dispute.

What Kind of Fees Are Charged?

The price charged by a handwriting expert will vary because it depends on the complexity of your specific case. For instance, if the suspect's handwriting is extremely close to your deceased loved ones, it will likely require more work from the expert. Keep in mind that some handwriting experts charge a retainer fee for their services.  Contact a handwriting expert about your needs as soon as you are ready. Contact a handwriting analyst, such as David Liebman, for more information.