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When laws started getting passed in my city that I didn't agree with, I decided that I had to take a stand. Instead of going with the flow, I thought about running for office to have more of a say as far as what got passed. It was a lot of work to campaign for city council, but when I finally got in, I was amazed to see how much of a difference I could make. I was able to campaign for better laws and actually change the way that they did things in our city--saving everyone time and money. This blog is all about making a difference in your community.

Making Sense Of The Emoluments Clause

15 February 2017
 Categories: Government & Politics, Blog

One of the clauses of the Constitution is the foreign-emoluments clause. This clause restricts those holding office in the United States from accepting presents, Emoluments, titles, or offices from a head of state. The only exception is if Congress explicitly consents. An emolument is any benefit that would result from dealings with a foreign government. The Rational This provision is included with the goal of making sure that foreign entanglements and gifts do not cause a U. Read More …